Coworking space – what is it and how to benefit from them?

coworking space in sarajevo, cosmohub, desk arrangement

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coworking space in sarajevo, cosmohub, desk arrangement

Introduction to coworking space world

“Who would’ve thought that coworking would become such a popular thing?”

You might have asked yourself this question more than once. And the answer is simple: everyone, who works remotely.

Coworking space is not only a great place to work but also a place where you can build connections with people all over the world. But what is it exactly?

A community of like-minded professionals? Maybe the place where you will find your future co-founder or business partner? Is it office near your house or right next door to your favorite coffee shop where you can get some work done amongst other talented and interesting people? Well, yes, it’s all of those things, but there’s much more to it than just that!

Coworking is the culture of sharing a work environment, while coworking space is the place where you are working with like-minded people, sharing the space & infrastructure, which allows cost saving for the ambitious freelancers and startups.

IT crowd and startups in cosmohub coworking space sarajevo

Ok, but what is the coworking space, like CosmoHub?

Coworking is a shared working environment. It’s a space where you can get out of the house, meet new people, and work in a collaborative environment. Coworking spaces are great for entrepreneurs who want to be more productive on their own terms and save money by not having to pay for an office space or rent it out every month. All the utility bills are handled by coworking space, you just rent the desk!

CosmoHub coworking space in Sarajevo offers multiple coworking packages, depending on your needs & time usage.

The benefits of coworking space

As a freelancer, you need flexibility. You’re not limited by a 9-5 job, so why would you be limited to one place of work? Coworking spaces offer the perfect solution: they allow you to work where and when it suits you.

As well as being more flexible than an office environment, coworking spaces can also provide access to resources like printers, scanners, stable & fast internet and wifi that may not otherwise be available at home or in your local coffee shop. Being able to use these tools will save time and money while improving productivity – win-win situation for any future coworker!

Another benefit is the professional network that exists within coworking spaces. If you’re feeling lonely or isolated in your freelance life then working alongside other freelancers could be just what you need for motivation and inspiration. It also gives opportunities for collaboration between members on projects which can result in greater creativity overall

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Coworking as a central space of creativity and innovation

Coworking spaces are great places to meet people with similar interests and people who are different from you. Coworking spaces help you build your network, gain knowledge and skills, and connect with other professionals in your field. It’s also a place where you can work on your projects or start new ones! If you’re looking for a coworking space in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – then the CosmoHub coworking space is perfect for your needs.

Community in coworking space

In coworking spaces, the idea of community is built into the very fabric of the business model. Coworking spaces are places where people who share the same interests and goals come together to collaborate on projects, help each other out with advice and experience, and generally hang out.

It’s a place where you can make friends with other professionals with complementary skills or personal connections that can help you get ahead in your career or life. CosmoHub coworking space offers a chill-out area where community members hang out & that’s the central place where we organize meetups & community events—anything that allows members to connect outside of their workday at their desk or table space in the center of the room!

Coworking space as a place for networking and collaboration

A coworking space is a place where people can share their knowledge and experience. People in a coworking space are working on their own projects, but they are also open to learning from each other. They are happy to mentor others who are just starting out or help with problems in exchange for feedback on their own work.

Coworking space provides an opportunity for networking and collaboration among entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers who do not have the time or resources (like an office) necessary to set up a workspace by themselves. Coworkers often collaborate on projects together; they could be working in IT, blockchain, designing websites, or doing market research for clients’ projects.

Coworking space as a way of life - the community, the social benefits and networking, the productivity, learning and improving skills and knowledge, it's work-life balance friendly.

Coworking spaces can be a fantastic way to get your business off the ground. These places are packed with people who are self-employed or freelancers, as well as remote workers. You can get together with other like-minded individuals and share ideas while also having access to shared facilities such as kitchens, meeting rooms, and onsite parking. The community is one of the most important aspects of any coworking space so you must find one that suits your style and needs. Here, at CosmoHub coworking space, we nurture our community and organize community events, so our coworkers can network with each other, and with industry experts.

There are many benefits to using a coworking space:

  • Reduced rent costs by sharing office space with other like-minded individuals

  • Access to shared facilities such as kitchens, meeting rooms and onsite parking which can help lower overhead costs while giving you more time to focus on growing your business

  • An opportunity for networking within your industry through events hosted at the site 

PS5 tournament gathered crowd, playing Crash Team Racing game

Coworking is a great opportunity to build your business with many benefits included!

Coworking is a great opportunity to build your business with many benefits included!

Another benefit of coworking is that is a great way to work with others. You can share ideas, resources, and contacts, which will certainly help grow your business. It’s also a great place where you can network and find new clients or potential partners. Sometimes the coworking space provides events that are related to their business services or products such as workshops, conferences, or seminars. CosmoHub coworking space is no different.

Check out our events page for more information!


With coworking, there’s more to it than just working! It’s about the community and being part of a larger network as well. So if you are looking for somewhere new to work then look no further than CosmoHub co-working space!

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