Domestic Production Forum held in Sarajevo, CosmoHub coworking space

IBU students at the domestic forum in CosmoHub coworking space Sarajevo

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Izuzetna nam je čast i zadovoljstvo što smo u CosmoHub-u, u četvrtak, 16.6.2022. godine, imali priliku da ugostimo vrijednu ekipu studenata sa Intencionalnog Burch univerziteta i podržimo njihovu organizaciju Foruma domaće proizvodnje 2022. Radi se o događaju izuzetnog značaja koji studenti, članovi Buisness Developlemt Club-a, organizuju kontinuirano već duži niz godina, u saradnji sa svojim profesorima, a čiji cilj je podizanje svijesti o kupovini domaćih proizvoda.

This year’s forum theme was: “The Impact of Global Happenings on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Producers”. All panellists agreed that global happenings have an evident impact on all branches of the economy in domestic production. 

domestic production forum held in Sarajevo Coworking space Cosmohub

Panellists were from different industries and branches. Accordingly, we were honoured by the presence of professors from International Burch University, representatives of the Semic company and Vispak Visoko, the founder of the organization “Kupujmo i koristimo domaće”, together with a representative of the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and many students.

IBU students at the domestic forum in CosmoHub coworking space Sarajevo

Some of the conclusions of this Forum on Domestic Production are:

  Bosnia and Herzegovina is a land that is rich in raw materials, but still, we are addicted to the import.

We own raw materials that we import in large quantities, while export of these raw materials is very low. “We import about BAM 2.5 billion of food annually. We make a deficit of between BAM 6.5 and 7 billion annually; one-third of that is on food imports. Certainly, most of that food we can produce ourselves.”

  Mostly we export to Germany and import from Italy.

  Domestic producers mostly use imported raw materials from other countries, although those raw materials could be found in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is because imported raw materials are cheaper than domestic ones due to the general political-economic situation. Therefore, it could be why awareness of buying domestic products has been higher in the last years, though economic parameters don’t grow as they should.

Alija Kozljak at CosmoHub coworking space

We hope that conclusions from this Forum will influence raising awareness of buying domestic products. Also, it is of great importance for us to adopt a strategy of developing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s production and implement it to make the most of our country’s potential.

IBU students at CosmoHub coworking space in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on the forum

CosmoHub is always proud to support events like this, and we would be thrilled if there were more similar happenings.

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