AWS User Group Sarajevo – May 2022 Meetup Held in CosmoHub Coworking Space

aws user group meetup at the cosmohub coworking space sarajevo, photo of the crowd

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Last Friday, we had the honor of hosting the AWS User Group Sarajevo meetup at CosmoHub Coworking, Event & Startup Space. We were extremely pleased to host AWS professionals from Slovenia and Montenegro, who came to convey their long-standing knowledge of the AWS service. 

We would like to thank the AWS User Group community in Sarajevo, as well as Dzenan Dzevlan and Dzenana Dzevlan for the excellent organization of the meetup. Thank you for the great company and the opportunity to learn something new in the domain of AWS!

Crowd at the AWS user group Sarajevo meetup, held in CosmoHub coworking space sarajevo

The team from Slovenia came led by Alen Krmelj and Urban Jurca, head of Bitstamp – one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Alen and Urban gave two very important lectures on the security and availability of AWS services on a global scale. They selflessly shared their knowledge, and those present had the opportunity to ask questions related to AWS services.

The role of the first lecturer was taken by Alen Krmelj – Infrastructure Team Lead at Bitstamp. Allen spoke on the topic “SCS – better approach to accessing credentials”. Managing secrets and credentials is of utmost importance to any company that has a need to hide information even from company employees. 

At the lecture, attendees learned how Bitstamp solved this problem with the help of AWS and in-house custom solutions. You can read more at the presentation which can be found here.

alen krmelj giving talk on the aws meetup held in CosmoHub coworking space Sarajevo

After Alen, Urban Jurca Bitstamp’s Head of Infrastructure gave a lecture on “AWS RAM – Sharing is Caring”. From Urban, attendees were able to hear about resource sharing through multiple AWS accounts. You can learn more about this topic on the presentation here.

The third lecturer was an AWS User Group community builder from Montenegro, who is also a Cloud Architect for the company Crayon, and the owner of six AWS certificates – Marin Radjenović.

Marin Radjenovic giving out his knowledge on the AWS User Group meetup, held in cosmohub coworking space, Sarajevo

Marin has been in the software development industry for over 15 years and has 10 years of experience with AWS services. Through a pleasant lecture, he shared his impressions of AWS and building serverless applications.

More about serverless – here.

crowd at the AWS meetup held in CosmoHub coworking space in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Big thanks to the AWS User Group Sarajevo for organizing the AWS meetup at the CosmoHub coworking space. We are always glad to host community events and network with awesome people. We are looking forward to the next events & meetups at our coworking space!

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