1. Game Dev Summit in Sarajevo, Held in CosmoHub Coworking Space – Industry Could be Better, but What we Succeed to Learn?

CosmoHub coworking space, game dev summit photo of the crowd

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Last weekend, CosmoHub coworking space in Sarajevo hosted the team of the Gotiva Games company from Sarajevo, which is involved with the development of games for mobile devices. In their organization, on May 7, 2022, the first Game Dev Summit was held on the premises of CosmoHub Coworking, event & startup space in Sarajevo.

CosmoHub coworking space, game dev summit photo of the crowd

The event was conceived in a way that companies from BiH and Croatia present themselves to the participants of the Game Dev Summit, and exchange opinions and ideas within the game development community.

Gate 21 presentation

The first company to present itself at the Summit was Gate21 from Sarajevo. Representatives of this company, Hasan Bajramović, and Arman Mušović, spoke to the summit participants about a short history of their humble beginnings, the development route of the company, & plans for the future.

Gate 21 company members presenting the company and it's values at game dev summit held in CosmoHub coworking space in Sarajevo

Behind Gate21 company is a serious team of over 25 young, talented people who have worked on some of the most demanding projects for reputable clients such as Netflix and the world’s gaming studios that have produced some of AAA’s most popular gaming titles.

Gate21 leaders have expressed a desire & need to hire new staff in the programming, rigging, and 3D modelling departments.

Gotiva Games Studio continued with the keynotes

The next company to present itself was Gotiva Games, which is the organizer of the first Game Dev Summit in Sarajevo, which took place in CosmoHub Coworking space. Adnan Ahmić, Co-Founder of Gotiva Games, presented a game called “Jigsaw Puzzle Universe” which will soon be released on the Google Play Store & App Store.

Adnan Ahmic ceo of Gotiva Games Studio in Sarajevo presenting on the Game Dev Summit, held in CosmoHub coworking space

At the presentation, we could hear an inspiring story that will soon become a reality, and that is support for artists from all over the world. Namely, within the Jigsaw Puzzle Universe, there will be a special type of profile for artists who will be able to upload their digital creations for the needs of the game. 

In this route, the artists will make a profit, and for the quality of the uploaded artworks to be at the highest level, each uploaded asset will be manually moderated by the Gotiva Games team.

These two presentations were followed by a short break and the chance to distribute valuable prizes to the lucky participants of the Game Dev Summit. The awards were provided by DoperTech, which was also one of the sponsors of the first Game Dev Summit held in CosmoHub coworking space. We used the break for networking and delicious food from the well-known Sarajevo restaurant “Maslina“.

Our lovely neighbours - Gamepires were next speakers

The third company to present itself at the Game Dev Summit in Sarajevo was a game development company from Croatia – Gamepires.

Gamepires, game studio from Croatia, presenting design patterns of the SCUM game, available at the Steam

Almost everyone has heard about the Gamepires company in the Balkans, and their amazing game SCUM, which can be purchased on Steam and currently has over 60 thousand positive reviews on the platform of the same name.

Dina Kuhar, Hrvoje Kelemenić, Igor Dudjak, Josipa Davidović, and Ismir B. introduced the participants to work processes in the Gamepires company. They also explained to the audience the process of animation, level design, and programming for the SCUM game.

Gamepires also need reinforcement in the ranks of animation, level design & C ++ programming. For the all interested among our readers, you can reach Gamepires & send them your resume at the following email: jobs@gamepires.com

Mohamed El-Zayat on RNG

After Gamepires, Professor Mohamed El-Zayat from FIT University educated the participants on the concept of “randomness” in the field of game development. In an educational and fun way, he passed on the knowledge and possibilities of RNG (Random Generated Number) algorithms to everyone present.

Mohamed el Zayat, university professor from FIT, giving lecture at first game dev summit in Sarajevo

The audience had the opportunity to ask all participants of the Game Dev Summit questions related to presentations, projects, & the development of the gaming industry in BiH.

Many participants were interested in working in the game dev industry, and it is a collective feeling that this is a branch of software development that is still in its infancy, but in which there is a lot of prosperity and room for improvement.

CosmoHub Coworking Space is the spot of meetings

crowd at the first game dev summit held in cosmohub coworking space Sarajevo

After the Summit, participants exchanged opinions, ideas, and visions for the future. As the cherry on the top, a PS5 tournament followed. What would the Game Dev Summit be like without games and prizes? Valuable prizes for the winners were provided by DoperTech, and tournament participants used this opportunity to network and relax with the all-time favorite “Crash Team Racing” game.

PS5 tournament gathered crowd, playing Crash Team Racing game


We have to admit that the first Game Dev Summit in Sarajevo was a complete success for networking and game development community building. We would like to say a big “thank you” to all the participants and organizers for recognizing CosmoHub coworking space as a partner, and we look forward to hosting future events in our space.

Follow our website and social media for more community events, meetups and workshops. 

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